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Tires drukuj


You will find only the proven quality tires in our offe. We make sure that our products comply with EU norms and regulations that is why, before a new product is introduced, it undergoes a quality check in specialist laboratories.
Our range includes a wide selection of agricultural, industrial and construction machinery tires as well as tires for trucks, quads and scooters. These are products  of the top brands’ producers such as:
 Opony rolnicze Voltyre, opony do maszyn rolniczych, opony do ciągników rolniczych
Opony ciężarowe LongMarch do pojazdów ciężarowych Opony rolnicze Mitas, opony przemysłowe Opony ciężarowe Roadlux, opony do samochodów ciężarowych
Opony rolnicze, opony przemysłowe Rosava  Opony do maszyn rolniczych, opony do ciągnikó rolniczych, opony rolnicze, Speedways
Opony rolnicze, przemysłowe, Taishan Opony rolnicze Trayal Opony przemysłowe, rolnicze Triangle
Opony rolnicze, przemysłowe TVS Tyres Opony do samochodów osobowych, opony ciężarowe, opony osobowe Westlake
Nevertheless, to meet our customers’ expectations, we are widening our assortment to include tires used in every branch of industry.
We have one of the biggest storage facilities in the country, therefore, majority of the tires is available in stock and can be delivered to the EU based countries within 48 hours.
In order to provide fast delivery service we cooperate with several reliable logistics companies and carriers that ship our products within and beyond the EU.
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